Photo of Cliff Stepp, leader of The Cliffnotes Band

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Valerie Johnson & Al B Blue

  Cliff's "Crawdaddy" Stepp's Story

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                               The band's fearless leader Cli"Crawdaddy" Stepp has a long and checkered musical history.
                               He managed and wrote songs for a blues
duet that was signed and produced by B.B. King. Next he managed an           wrote for Pure Prairie League who went on to do at least 10 albums for RCA and give Vince Gill his first national                  exposure as a guitarist/singer in the band.
                               During this period Cliff's act was pure comedy; featuring original songs like, "The Bellybutton Song,",

                               "Let Me Be Your Midas Man," "My Brother the Watermelon," and other favorites.
Now he can be found performing on the Central Coast of California dishing out a blend of New Orleans flavored boogie blues and swampified classic rock with The Cliffnotes. Occasionally he plays solo and will still dust the lint of the "Bellybutton Song."

                             Val & Al blow people away on a consistent basis.  Either as a duo, withthe Syncopaters Dixieland   
or as part of The Cliffnotes.
The first time people hear Val sing a flicker of recognition crosses  

                             their faces. It might have something to do with the fact that she toured with Big Brother and the 

                             Holding Company after Janis Joplin was no longer available.

                            Valerie also toured the world with a gospel group and her voice has often been compared to
Etta James
. Cliff was thrilled when they chose to record three of his songs on their album, including the title track, 

"What Kind of Blue is This?   Check out their music here!