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        Avila Beach Party!

Calendar of shows for The Cliffnotes Band live at Savory Palette in Morro Bay, CA on July 2. 2022

Video Demo

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Paso Wine Country!

Preparing the classic Cliffnotes Vintage Tourmaster for
a trip to Rancho Nipomo BBQ!

Branch St. Deli!

Poster for The Cliffnotes live at Branch St. Deli in Arroyo Grande, CA

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After our Standning Room Only show Labor Day Weekend, everyone wants a return engagement!  Come check out, "The Official Boogie Blues Band of Arroyo Grande! "

Fri. Sep 30, 4:30-7:30PM

The Cliffnotes bring the fun and New Orleans flavored boogie blues to the party at Halter Ranch Winery in
Paso Robles.
Enjoy a sunny day in Paso Wine Country with truly great wines and gourmet bites.
Sun, Oct. 2, 12

Audio: California Central Coast Blues Jam 
at Tooth 'n' Nail Winery with 
The Cliffnotes!