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The end of a Booty Shakin' era. Big party to thank Jaimie for her years of supporting local music and providing great food, good vibrations and fond memories. Sept. 30

Otter Rock Bye Bye Sept. 30

Video Demo

Cliffnotes for Halloween party at Morro Bay Wine Seller

Audio: California Central Coast Blues Jam 
at Tooth 'n' Nail Winery with 
The Cliffnotes!

Music in the Meadow!
The Post-Pandemic Party continues!

Put on your best bolo and head to Stolo for a magical wine tasting afternoon in the enchanted realm of Cambria-in-the-Pines.
Come and see why fans are planning vacation trips around The Cliffnotes performing at the Stolo Family Winery Music in the Meadow!