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Audio: California Central Coast Blues Jam 
at Tooth 'n' Nail Winery with 
The Cliffnotes!

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Calendar of shows for The Cliffnotes Band live at Savory Palette in Morro Bay, CA on July 2. 2022

Poolside dancing to the New Orleans boogie blues of the Official Boogie Blues Band of Avila Beach!

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        Avila Beach Party!

Poster for The Cliffnotes live at Stolo Vineyards in Cambria, CA on August 18, 2022

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Pucker Up, Buttercup!

We're getting our buns in gear to bring the C'Notes party to Paul Irving's latest cool venue; Morro Bay's Buttercup Bakery!

Cookies, cakes, muffins and New Orleans flavored boogie blues from


Avila Bay Club

Friday, August 5, 6-8 PM at Avila Bay Club and Open to the Public! Poolside dancing to the New Orleans flavored Boogie Blues that have made The Cliffnotes a Central Coast favorite.